Malibu Investment
About Malibu Investment

Malibu Investment manages investor funds in equities, stock, bonds, mutual funds, and options.


Malibu Investment's instinctive style is first and foremost driven by securities that, in their judgment, offer higher than average prospective returns that are not currently reflected in the stock price. Many such investments require patience for the investment merits of these companies to emerge. As a result, Malibu Investment's approach takes some time and many positions are initiated with an investment horizon of one month, to several months, even up to a year. 


Kevin Lee Blain, the founder, principal and chairman of Malibu Investment, Inc. has experience in writing financial analyses for Global Competitive Intelligence firm Intellibridge, located in Washington DC.  He earned a reputation as unique analyst and financial journalist who applied the art of aggressive investing to the mundane world of steel and copper equities. Mr Blain has also exceeded market expectations in cyclicals and special technology stocks. Mr. Blain's additional background experience includes reading and analyzing charts as a technical analyst for, a Web-based newsletter for active traders around the globe.  Mr. Blain holds an undergraduate degree in urban economics from Occidental College in Los Angeles, a Masters in Business Administration from the George Washington University and, a doctorate of law.


Mr. Blain is seen here discussing the tax code with Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of Forbes Magazine. In 1996 Forbes entered the GOP presidential primaries . He lost the nomination to Bob Dole.


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