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Since 1992, Malibu Investment has been managing investments and empowering investors. Key to this philosophy is getting investors to address the psychology of their trading style.  Malibu Investment seeks to guide would be active traders into structured and manageable risk positions, while employing disciplined approaches to preserving capital.



Malibu Investment is suitable for aggressive investors seeking returns in excess of money market returns, over the short to medium term, and who are prepared to experience above average volatility of returns.


Investment Objective:

The objective of Malibu Investment is to earn a total rate of return exceeding that of a traditional equities portfolio.  Malibu Investments  equities are not typically represented by any well known index. Malibu Investment's philosophy is that in order to provide above average returns, while maintaining acceptable levels of risk, Malibu Investment will make extensive use of leverage, short sales as well as futures, options and other financial instruments and securities. Malibu Investment also takes into account macroeconomic trends, use of leverage, hedging techniques and other considerations. Often, Malibu Investment recognizes potential what it calls "Turbo Trades" where accounts can get turbo-charged through an increased use of defined risk option plays.

Malibu Investment is aggressively oriented and occasionally joins in momentum driven investments. Nevertheless, diversification is important for risk management. By spreading risk across a number of securities, industries, and even strategies, Malibu Investment can reduce the volatility of investment returns.  Malibu Investment may also diversify based on a clients desires, and to more broadly to spread the risk. Although Malibu Investment's process involves much discipline, it believes it is, by design, flexible enough to react to changing market conditions, in an ever changing world.

Those same changing economic conditions, increased volatility and  strategic economic decision making are those with which Mr. Blain is seen here talking with Larry Kudlow of CNBC's Kudlow and Friends while in Washington D.C. 









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